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October 2, 2010

Game for anything

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Today we had our first consignment of game, grouse and partridge plus pigeon breast.  the grouse caused a few grouses at the price but the partridge was bought for a yummy casserole which involved figs and bacon.  Everyone much cheered by the man with difficult children only bringing one of them with him this week for his marathon shop at the sliced meat counter.

Wonderful mature rib of beef plus lots of other delicious carnivore food was sold to a couple whose family obviously appreciate the goo things in life.  My favourite deal of the day was selling two lots of cheese to the same lady one lot for her and another for her daughter – a great coming to lunch present in my view.  I have to say that Delice de Bourgoyne is a wonderful soft cheese (cream added during the making)  which must have a zillion uses apart from the cheese board – this is one you could have with figs and I wonder what it would be like grilled and treated a bit like a goats cheese???????


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